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Honeymoon Day 6

It’s our last day here!  Just so you know a little tear is forming as I type.  I know, I know, everyone has to eventually get back to reality but I don’t want to!  And I hate to sound winey but I really don’t want to go back!

Well, of course today was the day we didn’t want to take my camera with me on my walk on the beach.  We woke up before sunrise and even though we were on the Gulf side I knew it would be beautiful. 

We headed out and we were so blessed that we got to see dolphins!  They seemed to be playing because they were going to the surface to blow air from their blow hold in such a rapid succession that it certainly wasn’t out of necessity.  After a minute or so of that they continued on their way… no doubt hungry for breakfast—just like I was!

Today was of course, another repeat at Heavenly Biscuit.  You’d think I would be sick of this place by now but I never get sick of great food!

IMG_7767 IMG_7774

Ahhhh, heavenly!


After breakfast we headed to the Ostego Bay Foundation Marine Science Center.  Our guide was Mary Anne and she was so delightful!  You can tell she really enjoyed her job and really wanted to teach others about the ecology in the local area.

 IMG_7777 IMG_7783 IMG_7789 IMG_7793

They have a touch tank at the Science Center with some rays and horse shoe crabs (which aren’t actually crabs at all!)  We got to touch them and watch Mary Anne feed them—it was so nice to be so up close and personal.


IMG_7811 IMG_7817

Of course, we had to be a little silly as well!  What’s a day without some silly-ness?

After our visit there (almost two hours!) we hit up Doc Fords again.  We actually were going to try a different seafood joint but they had their specials listed as a Sloppy Joe and Chicken Parm.  Let me get this straight—you’re a seafood joint ON THE WATER and you serve sloppy joe’s?!  No thanks!

So, Doc Fords it was.  It was another Yucatan Shrimp meal and they did not disappoint! 

IMG_7822 IMG_7823

We had the opportunity to sit outside and it’s been such a nice day we went for it.  Wouldn’t you know it about 10 minutes after we sat down the storms came in!  They offered us tables inside but honestly, we weren’t by the edge so it didn’t bother us at all.  In fact, it made it a little more fun!

IMG_7829 IMG_7830 IMG_7831 IMG_7834 IMG_7836

Anyone else get caught in the rain at a restaurant?  It’s happened to us a few times before but we’ve never been able to say we stayed outside and ate in it!

I’ve got to get packing so I’ll leave this post with some pictures from our walk tonight. 

  IMG_7856 IMG_7864 IMG_7869 IMG_7870


Doc Ford’s Key Lime

This is the slice that started the challenge.  Doc Ford’s Key Lime Pie


I mean look—they think they have the best key lime pie on the islands?!  I really needed to put that to the test!

Here’s how we’ll rate all things key lime:

Tartness: 1-10 (1 no tart taste, 10 very very tart, pucker up!)

Creaminess: 1-5 (1 not creamy, just crumbles, 5 very creamy)

Crust: 1-5 (1 don’t bother eating it, 5 it’s the perfect compliment!)

Whipped toppings: 1-5 (1 fake and scoop it off, 5 fresh and order more!)

Overall: 1-10 (1 waste of calories, 10 order another!)

IMG_7838 IMG_7839

Doc Ford’s Rum Bar

Tartness: 5 (right in the middle)

Creaminess: 5 (oh so creamy and smooth!)

Crust: 5 (it had chopped pecans and was delicious!)

Whipped topping: 3 (fresh but didn’t add anything)

Overall: 7

I’d order it another time!

Honeymoon Day 5-Part 2

The rest of the afternoon was an easy one.  We watched some tv and I started working on a photo book for this vacation.  Then we decided to head out… We saw a local mini golf place that had a “Wacky Wednesday” special—a round for only $5!  It was game time!

IMG_7714 IMG_7717

A month ago we played a mini-golf game as part of a new game for us.  The Family Mini Golf Championship!  After seeing this special we new we had to do it again. 

IMG_7720 IMG_7722  IMG_7733  IMG_7734

I’m proud to say that I was able to hold on to my championship title and I won again!

We had to have dinner to celebrate!  We found a place nearby called Iguana Mia and decided to give it a try.  I’m glad it did! This was some of the best Mexican I’ve ever had!

 IMG_7745 IMG_7747 IMG_7749 IMG_7750 IMG_7751

Anyone else have any challenges they continually run with their spouse?  We like having the little bit of competition—keeping in mind that it’s all fun and games 🙂

Honeymoon Day 4

This morning started out with me being super hungry!  We decided to try out a place we found online, Heavenly Biscuit.  Oh my gosh.  This place was amazing!

IMG_7526 IMG_7528IMG_7531

I ordered a bacon and egg biscuit and a Sinful Cinnamon Roll. Even the Husband tried a cinnamon roll (the lady working gave us two since they were on the “smaller” side, but if you look at that picture you’ll see they are still huge!)

 IMG_7535 IMG_7532

After breakfast we headed to The Burroughs Home for the 11 AM tour.  We had an excellent tour guide named Gary.  He’s there every Tuesday and we highly recommend him!


Just walking up the front sidewalk is breathtaking!   The house has 21 rooms and is three stories tall!  Built in 1901, this Georgian Revival Mansion was the scene of many social events that hosted the Fort Myers’ elite including the Edisons, Fords, and Firestones. Antique furnishings, historical artifacts, and wonderful stories made us feel like we were stepping back in time.

IMG_7551 IMG_7553 IMG_7559 IMG_7543


I took a picture of this bathtub because of the story that went along with it.  Apparently, a few months ago there was a wedding in the home.  It was a beautiful wedding that apparently was reminiscent of the parties that were thrown during the homes best days.  Well, the cleaning crew came in the day after the wedding and asked the manager why the bathtub was full of water.  No one knew why so they drained the tub.  The next day the tub was full of water again!  Apparently, the story goes that after parties the oldest daughter Mona used to love to take bubble baths in that tub.  So, the story is that her spirit came back and needed her bubble bath!


I also loved this picture.  Apparently, when the plans for a bridge came out someone in the community got busy and got the home listed on the National Register of Historic Places to preserve the property as it stands.  So, with that task being completed they had the plans changed.  That’s why there are two bridges—one for each direction and they meet up in North Ft. Myers.

IMG_7568 IMG_7583 

After the Burroughs Home we needed some lunch—badly!  We were so hungry and so happy that we had the recommendation to go to Ford’s Garage.

This place just oozes cool!  Clear gas pumps, faux brick walls, a huge penny backsplash behind the bar—it’s a beautiful place to eat.

IMG_7592 IMG_7593 IMG_7594

Gas pump faucets!

IMG_7595  IMG_7599

I ordered the Ford’s Signature aka the “Mayor Randy Henderson”—it’s black angus beef, aged Vermont cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, bourbon bbq, sesame bun.  Delicious!  I got mine with the sweet potato fries and the Husband and I couldn’t quit raving about this place with each bite we took.

IMG_7602 IMG_7603

After lunch we headed over to the Edison & Ford Winter Estates.

IMG_7604 IMG_7612

I had actually been once before but this was a first for the Husband.  A couple of years ago the Husband had some work to do in Ft. Myers so I came with him but I had to find some ways to keep myself busy, so I came to the estates.

IMG_7613 IMG_7617 IMG_7618 IMG_7619 IMG_7622 IMG_7626

It was a wonderful day but we are exhausted now!  We’re spending the evening eating leftovers and watching movies (actually, I didn’t blog about it but we did that last night too—we’re some Red Box fools on vacation!).


So far, this movie is really a mix of emotions!  After this I’ll be more than ready for bed :)  I’m hoping to go to Heavenly Biscuit again tomorrow!

Honeymoon Day 3

I was so exhausted yesterday that I didn’t even get to transfer my pictures from my iPhone to the computer.  So, I’ll be playing catch up today!

Yesterday started with an airboat ride that was SO much fun.  We arrived at the marina and we were instantly greeted by our Captain, Bubba.  We went out on the airboat and we were ready to have an adventure!

IMG_7280 IMG_7282 IMG_7285 IMG_7290 IMG_7304 IMG_7311

IMG_7333 IMG_7378 IMG_7382  IMG_7392 IMG_7422 IMG_7427 

IMG_7440 IMG_7444  IMG_7453

Amazing, right?  It was an absolutely wonderful ride.  Although, we did get caught in the middle of a storm it made it more exciting.  And it actually meant that we got to spend more time out on the water.  I was down for more time out there soaking in the beauty!

After our boat ride we decided to go back to the condo.  After a quick shower and some lunch we headed down to the pier to look around.  I found this really cute shop that was plastered with police patches.  They had them all around the ceiling and covering some of the walls.

IMG_7454 IMG_7455 IMG_7456

At another shop we found these really cool metal casts.  This one was actually the die for a company that the Husband’s grandfather worked for for over 30 years.

  IMG_7478 IMG_7479 IMG_7465

After walking around the pier we were in the mood for pizza!  Ft. Myers seems to have a really bad selective of restaurants and it gets even worse when you are trying to find good pizza.  I found some good reviews on UrbanSpoon for Grimaldis Pizzeria.  I’ve got to be honest, I walked in and the smell was wonderful.  I was prepared for some really amazing pizza!  Each pie (personal size) was $9 and all topping are additional.  So, you can imagine that I was really hoping this would be the best pizza we had in a long time.


IMG_7484 IMG_7494IMG_7488 IMG_7489 

What a let down. It was alright. I’m glad they use real fresh mozzarella. I wish they weren’t so expensive. I also wish they would have given us a little bit more crust! I get it’s New York Style, but seriously!?  IMG_7491IMG_7492

After that disappointment, I needed some cupcake therapy!  Thankfully, Grace and Shelly’s Cupcakes has a location in the same plaza as Grimaldi’s so we raced over and picked up a 4-pack.  Red Velvet, Vanilla, Caramel and a Dark Chocolate!  I’ll be honest, the red velvet was okay but tangy from the food coloring, the vanilla was decent but the icing was a little too sweet and the caramel was just right!  I kind of felt like Goldilocks!


IMG_7495 IMG_7497 IMG_7498 IMG_7501

After that crazy evening we decided to wind down with a walk on the beach—we were lucky enough to find a sand dollar still alive!  It was exhausting and fun!


 IMG_7502 IMG_7511 IMG_7512 IMG_7515 IMG_7516 IMG_7520

Dinner in Clearwater

For dinner we once again turned to the trusty Urbanspoon for a great place to eat. We found a place that was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives called Keegan’s Seafood Grille.


If you’re in Clearwater definitely go try this place out!  You won’t be impressed by the service but the food was worth it!

I started with a  gumbo—on the menu they say it’ll “Make New Orleans Proud.”  Well, I knew I could take that challenge since I used to go to NOLA about once a month with my mother and we always ate at the more authentic off the road places.  It was just what we did Smile

It did NOT disappoint.. great rue, great seafood variety, spicy but not too much and just a bit of rice to make it feel like home.  Great gumbo and I wished I had gotten a whole bowl!


I still didn’t want to eat anything too greasy or oily so I stuck with grilled foods again for dinner and ordered the grilled mahi sandwich.  I wasn’t expecting anything amazing—grilled fish is usually grilled fish but they added just the right spices to the fillet and that made it worth it.


Plus, it was really REALLY cool that this guy had been here:


Oh! and of course, I had to have dessert!


After dinner we went across the street to have some fun playing on the beach.  I asked the husband to play photographer for a little bit and he did a great job!


Then of course, I took a few… hundred…

IMG_3512[1] IMG_3528[1]







Can’t spend forever in paradise… I’ve got an early morning!

Race Ready

This morning I woke up more than excited to hit the road—I needed to get to Clearwater ASAP to get settled in for the Iron Girl 5K!

Our trip started with some delicious fuel—liquid style:


I just can’t get enough of my non-fat latte’s!  Stained teeth?!  Who cares! It’s liquid gold I tell you!

As soon as we got to Clearwater I was excited to get over to the expo.  The weather wasn’t too great so a lot of the booths were tearing down but I still took a look around and picked up my packet.

IMG_3455[1]  IMG_3457[1]IMG_3459[1]

There was even a “Damsel in Defense” booth—have you ever seen these?  It was awesome.  Stun gun?? Don’t mind if I do!


After the Expo we checked into our hotel and I changed into my race shirt.  I was a little upset that all it says is “Events.”  They couldn’t have put the date or city on the shirt??


Then we decided to hit up a cute little joint that Urbanspoon led us to called Rumba.  Let me tell you folks—it was AHHH-MAZING!  Firstly, our waitress was awesome—so knowledgeable and open.  She gave great recommendations and I was 100% pleased with my choice.  I had grilled shrimp, coconut rice and vegetables. 


It came with a fiesta salad which I first asked for a lot of the stuff to be left off and she asked me a series of questions (you know, are you allergic, do you like the taste of this or that, etc) and she recommended that I order the salad a different way.  I did and I’m glad!  I was avoiding the salsa and vinaigrette and I’m glad I didn’t in the end because they totally made the salad!


After lunch we headed back to the hotel because the storms were coming and coming fast and we didn’t want to get stuck anywhere in the rain for too long.  I hate driving in an unfamiliar city in the rain so we wanted to play it safe!