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Motivation Monday



Motivation Monday

Keep working it out. Don’t stop. You’ll get stronger and it’ll get better.


Motivation Monday

I know, it’s been another light week on the blogging front. I promise it’s just because I’m super busy at work. I’ve got a few posts lined up for this week 🙂

In the meantime…. enjoy and work it out!


Motivation Monday

Wow! A week since I last blogged?? Here is the reason: at work I finally got my new masters program approved to start hosting on campus classes and I’m working my booty off!

Another problem with working too hard: I fall off the wagon! And while I love my job, my home life and health is more important. Time to remember my priorities!


Motivation Monday

Today I will be waking up at 4:45 AM to go run. I haven’t been up this early in a long time. And I haven’t ran in almost a month.

I feel this strong desire to just get out there and pound pavement. Not something I can really explain in words. You just do it. When you don’t, you miss it.

I’m tired of missing it.