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Captain Crunch French Toast and Shopping Fun!

This past weekend we decided to go to see what treasures we could find!  We started out with a hearty breakfast of Captain Crunch French Toast at Mary’s Country Kitchen—let me tell you I wish I could have gone swimming in it!

Captain Crunch French Toast

Then we went shopping! One really nice thing about where I live is that we have cute antique markets.  One of them actually hosts an “Antique Extravaganza” three times a year!  Renningers is on 117 acres and during the big Extravaganza weekends each and every acre is used by vendors!

I found some really cute stuff but really wasn’t in the mood to buy anything.  No problem—there’s always something nice!

Country Christmas Tree Deer

This awesome Christmas tree would be a hunter’s dream!!

Seed Catalog Card Catalog Antique

I WISH I had a seed catalog like this…. even if it wouldn’t really fit in my house.  They used it as a wine holder but I would probably use it to hold craft supplies.

Clear Gas Pump Phillips 66 antique windows antique camera Post Office Box Fronts Antique stained window Refinished Dresser New York Subway Poster Style

How cute is this refinished dresser??!  You could easily remake that!

Do you ever go antique shopping?


Planning for today!

I’m going to be completely honest.  I’m anal about organization but completely unorganized in my life.  I really never used a planner and I tried using the calendar in my iPhone but it just doesn’t work for me.  Even with reminders I like to see things a month or week in advance all written out and detailed.  So, after some inspiring photos and ideas from i heart organizing and A Bowl Full of Lemons I decided to make my own planner!  I’m hoping that my creating my own I’ll actually use it!

I headed on over to Staples to check out their Martha Stewart line!  I am not going to lie… that many pretty office supply products in one space made me giddy!

Martha Stewart Home Office Staples



So I started buying! You’ve honestly got to be pretty careful… before you know it you could be spending $75-100 on a planner!  I decided to go with the three ring binder method.  I picked up the following:

1) 3 Ring Binder (small size)

2) Zipper pouch

3) 18 month calendar insert

4) Notes sheets

5) Planner insert with note tabs and sticky notes

6) Teal dividers

Approx. Grand Total: $35!

Here’s how it looks:

Martha Stewart Binder Staples

Martha Stewart Binder StaplesMartha Stewart Binder Staples

I made that cover page myself!

  Martha Stewart Binder Staples

Martha Stewart Binder Staples Martha Stewart Binder Staples

So far I’ve been using it a lot! Let’s hope that keeps up! I really like being able to see everything all at once and have it organized!  I made tabs for blogging and meal planning too!  Let’s hope I can keep up with those 🙂  I have quite a few blog ideas already written down—I just need to find the time to write them!

A little shopping fun!

I’ve been needing to relax a little lot lately so the Husband suggested some retail therapy!

I stopped at Home Goods and found some amazing stuff!

First of all—they have awesome chandelier style cupcake and cake stands: check this out!



And I finally did something I’ve been dying to do for awhile now!  I saw the idea for using an Apothecary jar as a cupcake liner holder on Pinterest here:


So after seeing that I decided to make one myself! I didn’t want to actually make the jar so I decided to just buy one at Home Goods.  It was only $12.99!  That seems like a steal to me!

All empty:


Much better!



What’s that jar in the corner you ask?  It’s my vanilla bean paste that came in the mail today! Finally! Thank you Amazon!! (click the link to buy some yourself!)


Fall, beautiful Fall!

You know, I love fall. I love all things fall related and honestly, I think it’s my favorite season. Think of all the wonderful things fall gives us:


Pie. Ahhhh, wonderful delicious pie!

Honestly, we don’t get the whole leaf changing thing here. I bet if we moved farther north fall might make me tear up. It would be awesome. I can’t even really imagine how beautiful it must be! Fall gives us a few other things too though… like, the opportunity to finally wear tights and boots:

Kate Middleton gets it….

And of course, pumpkin everything!


Then of course there are all the bucket lists! Just do a search on Pinterest–they are everywhere!

It’s inspired me to start working on my bucket list as well! I plan on posting mine before the weekend–anyone else working on a bucket list for their fall season?

Bathroom-The After!

(Part 1, Part 2)

The bathroom (in progress) took us a couple weekends and some cursing  and a few arguments but we finally did it.

Here is a breakdown of what happened:

Gutted everything (and I mean EVERYTHING see this post here for pictures )

Scraped off popcorn ceiling

Fixed the drywall and put up the tub surround

Installed new lighting fixtures (above mirror and fan)

New tile floor

New tub

New shower fixtures

New vanity and sink

and of course, new paint!

Then a few months ago I decided to “spruce” up the bathroom even more.

I bought some new hand towels from Home Goods and added some star fish decor from another room in the house.  I think it made it look much more like a spa bathroom this way!

IMG_5230 IMG_5231 IMG_5232 IMG_5241 IMG_5242

The Bathroom-During!

(see the first part here.)

This bathroom was a bit of a headache.  We actually had to call in a professional to assist with some of the plumbing issues with the shower and tub.  Apparently, the connections weren’t really up to par and the Husband has some plumbing experience but he didn’t want to handle such a big job.  Play it safe when you need to, folks!

 011 012 024 025

Once we finally got that taken care of we painted and installed the vanity.

028 036 041

I wish I could find pictures of the tile install.  It was quite a job but thankfully the Husband used to install tile each summer working at his grandfather’s tile business.

 033 035

After all that work it was time to finally finish up the bathroom and give it some decor!

Bathroom Re-do-The Before

When we first moved into our home there were quite a few rooms that we just KNEW we would have to remodel.   The guest bathroom was one of those rooms.  We actually did this remodel last year, I just never blogged about it!  It’s probably best that I saved your eyes from all of this.

To start… I always knew I could make a small bathroom look beautiful.  Have you seen the amazing makeover from Young House Love?



However, the more we looked at our bathroom, the more we wondered if it was really possible.  No really, it was bad. Really bad.  Well, take a look for yourself!

We actually painted the blue hoping it’d make it better—HA! I was so wrong!  It was a purple color.

See! I told you! It was awful… We had actually planned on waiting a while before doing the bathroom, but like most of our renovations tend to go we found a sale and jumped on it!  We were walking into Home Depot and saw this vanity on sale:


I can’t find that same vanity anymore online but this is a similar.  I remember when we started I was looking at natural simple and neutral options.  I was thinking this for tile:

Who wouldn’t?  I mean really, look at how awesome pebble floors are!

And I envisioned something like this emerging from our bathroom disaster:

Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest


Just so you know, to get that bathroom, it helps to start out a little more!  Oh well, we weren’t really deterred.  Tomorrow I’ll show you some in progress (if I can still find them—oops!) and the final product!