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Doc Ford’s Key Lime

This is the slice that started the challenge.  Doc Ford’s Key Lime Pie


I mean look—they think they have the best key lime pie on the islands?!  I really needed to put that to the test!

Here’s how we’ll rate all things key lime:

Tartness: 1-10 (1 no tart taste, 10 very very tart, pucker up!)

Creaminess: 1-5 (1 not creamy, just crumbles, 5 very creamy)

Crust: 1-5 (1 don’t bother eating it, 5 it’s the perfect compliment!)

Whipped toppings: 1-5 (1 fake and scoop it off, 5 fresh and order more!)

Overall: 1-10 (1 waste of calories, 10 order another!)

IMG_7838 IMG_7839

Doc Ford’s Rum Bar

Tartness: 5 (right in the middle)

Creaminess: 5 (oh so creamy and smooth!)

Crust: 5 (it had chopped pecans and was delicious!)

Whipped topping: 3 (fresh but didn’t add anything)

Overall: 7

I’d order it another time!