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8 months

Eight Months.

Eight months that we’ve been trying to get pregnant.

Eight times that I’ve prayed and wished and hoped that I wouldn’t start my cycle that month.

Eight months that I’ve watched nearly everyone around me have a child or get pregnant (and it really is amazing how many people are having babies when you want it so bad and can’t)

According to the doctor’s and all the lab work and ultra sounds I’m healthy and normal.  In fact, we did get pregnant once (that’s another post for another day) but lost the baby after two months.

It shouldn’t shock anyone that knows me that I want this more than anything else.  Sometimes I just cry thinking that I may not be able to carry a child.  Then I stop and pray and realize that God is in control.  And I get that. I do. I just wish he would move his timetable up a little bit sooner for me…. give me a little clue… give me a little peace.

Here’s to hoping we won’t have another 8 months of waiting.