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High Five for Friday 10.9.12


1) My morning workout buddies… as I’m looking down from the Fire Training Tower
2) A student got me taffy and I was so excited! So, I had to take a silly picture!
3) My girls at Diva Doll-we flipped and worked out with big tires!
4) the Husband now loves Starbucks
5) Another student got me this AWESOME jersey from when he was in Cincinnati!

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High Five for Friday 9.7.12

I’m linking up again with Lauren’s blog today! We made it to Friday!


1. Finally ready to grout the new tile in the kitchen! This is the area above the stove.
2. Got my new lia sophia earrings
3. I bought a statement necklace, finally!
4. Two of my instructors at Diva Doll–they are AMAZING and inspiring!
5. Goats! I’ll need to do a post on this over the weekend 🙂

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High Five for Friday 8.31.12

Ahhh another week down…. super busy but still some things that made me smile and laugh like a 5 year old (#4 I’m talking about you!)


1) Finally got a pedicure and I LOVE the color! Went with my girlfriend Tanisha and we had such a nice relaxing time!
2) Our granite countertops are in and holding up very well!
3) Went to a Lia Sophia party and got a free ring! Now I’m hosting my own party too!
4) Saw this at Publix… couldn’t resist taking a picture because I just kept thinking WTF?
5) Panera green tea makes any day better!

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High Five for Friday 8.17.12

It’s another week down and another 5 things that made me smile this week!


1. The husband and I played mini golf last weekend and I won. It was amazing! I am the official winner of the Inaugural Family Mini Golf Challenge! We even bought a trophy. Yes, we bought a trophy. We’re that silly!
2. My beautiful niece wearing the gifts I got her… not that I’m trying to influence her in any way 😉
3. A baking fail. Basement brownies that were way underdone and honestly, not too brownie like. I’m trying again this weekend with my own recipe.
4. I voted! Tuesday was the day and I’m glad to report some of my guys were winners! All local stuff of course and I’m honestly kind of upset about the new seat on the Water Authority but that’s life, right?
5. We finally booked our vacation. The husband and I haven’t been on a vacation alone for more than one night since we got engaged!

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High five for Friday 8.10.12

Five for Friday!

1) Picked out some new tile options for the kitchen backsplash
2) Lucy loves the new floors… having the kitchen cleared out helps her chase bugs on the other side of the windows
3) salads have been the story of my life all week thanks to Camp Diva
4) my cheat treat for this week. I’ve had a peppermint after lunch each day!
5) baby time. ahhh i was in heaven!


High Five for Friday 8.3.12

What a week it has been. It’s flown by and I can’t believe it’s already Friday! We’ve got some big changes happening at home this weekend so I can’t wait to share it all next week for you guys.

I’m linking up over at From My Grey Desk Blog for High Five for Friday!

1. A trip to Panera also made it for the 1st day of the August Photo a Day Challenge on Instagram!
2. Fake baking! Easy peasy with chocolate chip cookie dough, reese’s peanut butter cups and brownie mix!
3. Cool packaging for shirts at work
4. I get to see these lovely people tonight for dinner at the Cat Cora restaurant,
5. A sneak peek of what we’re doing in our home this weekend!


High Five for Friday!

Whew! What a week it’s been!!

Thank goodness it’s Friday!






1. We finally got some campaign signs in our front yard! Keep Borders Sheriff
2. Little Ella Kate is a daredevil!
3. I’m working on drinking two of these a day while at work!
4. Tried a lazy take on a new hairstyle, thanks to Kate at the Small Things Blog. Mine is a 5 min oh no I’m late for work and need a cute hair-do inspired by her!
5. The Food Truck Bazaar is finally in Mount Dora and Yum Yum Truck was there!!