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Captain Crunch French Toast and Shopping Fun!

This past weekend we decided to go to see what treasures we could find!  We started out with a hearty breakfast of Captain Crunch French Toast at Mary’s Country Kitchen—let me tell you I wish I could have gone swimming in it!

Captain Crunch French Toast

Then we went shopping! One really nice thing about where I live is that we have cute antique markets.  One of them actually hosts an “Antique Extravaganza” three times a year!  Renningers is on 117 acres and during the big Extravaganza weekends each and every acre is used by vendors!

I found some really cute stuff but really wasn’t in the mood to buy anything.  No problem—there’s always something nice!

Country Christmas Tree Deer

This awesome Christmas tree would be a hunter’s dream!!

Seed Catalog Card Catalog Antique

I WISH I had a seed catalog like this…. even if it wouldn’t really fit in my house.  They used it as a wine holder but I would probably use it to hold craft supplies.

Clear Gas Pump Phillips 66 antique windows antique camera Post Office Box Fronts Antique stained window Refinished Dresser New York Subway Poster Style

How cute is this refinished dresser??!  You could easily remake that!

Do you ever go antique shopping?


A+ in Planning!

I know that eating is a big part of losing weight. It’s also my biggest downfall. What an awful thing when you are trying to lose weight, right?

With some help of a dear friend of mine (he’ll be call “My Boo” on the blog) I’ve taken the tiny little leap it takes to buy up my food and cook a week’s worth of lunches in one day!

I went to the grocery store and got busy cooking. Sadly, when I didn’t do was get the stuff needed for a few of the meals I was hoping for but I still got some great food. It’ll be simple and kind of boring, but I’ve accepted that if I want to lose weight, exciting Tijuana Flats, Cracker Barrel, Chinese take out, etc just won’t cut it–it won’t in any dream world!


I grabbed some broccoli, chicken breasts, asparagus and some new containers and got to work! I’ve got about 6 meals ready to be made. I also grabbed some yogurt, raw veggies, and apples to keep me full in between.


I’m ready to make this work–I’m really wanting to lose a couple more pounds before this baby making officially begins!

What are some meals that you usually make to stay on track and healthy?

Plan to get on track!

You know, I really wish I lived in a dream world where breakfasts like this:

IMG_7767 IMG_7774

Would give me a body like this:


Full figured and fit looking!

So, on vacation I may have gone a little bit nuts.  I think I ate fairly good for lunches and dinners but let’s face it.  Bacon and egg biscuits and cinnamon rolls aren’t in a healthy category in any food pyramid! Except maybe this one…


It’s okay though! Thanks to Diva Doll, I’ve got a plan.  It’s not the same as one I talked about before but it’s more of a 3-4 day deal.  This weekend is going to be hard core!  I’ve got workouts Saturday and Sunday (1 hr each) and 45 minutes of yoga on Sunday morning as well.

I stocked up on some fruit and veggie juices and got a couple starter veggies.  So essentially, I’ll be juicing this weekend.  Last time I did something similar to this was for my first boot camp and it was awesome.  I didn’t get headaches and never really felt angry (or hangry in my case!)  This isn’t a long term eating plan, just short term to get me to a goal and get me back on track.

Here is my “starter” kit for tonight:


Green Goddess Juice

Berry Veggie Juice



(not shown) spinach with grilled chicken


I’m hoping that this will be a jump start for me to get back on track.  I know that I’ve got to watch what I eat and eat the right foods if I still want to hit my 30 pound goal!

The Columbia

Last night we drove over to Ybor City for dinner at The Columbia. I started getting ready around 3:00 PM–it’s a two hour drive and we had reservations at 6:30PM! I NEVER get ready for anything that early lol


We drove over to Groveland to pick up my best guy friend and then began our drive to Ybor City!

We arrived early (this almost never happens with the traffic here in Florida) so we took a couple photos before heading inside. Founded in 1905 by Cuban immigrant Casimiro Hernandez, Sr., the Columbia Restaurant is Florida’s oldest restaurant, and the largest Spanish restaurant in the world.



Then we headed inside to the bar! I ordered their house Sangria and it was spot on! They use their own wine and if you order a pitcher of Sangria they make it table side and it’s served in a large hand-painted pitcher.





We decided to also order some appetizers since we knew we had about a half hour wait. However, by the time we figured out what we wanted our table was ready! So our appetizers were brought over to the table and we cleaned each plate! I ordered the Empanadas and Pincho Mixta. The empanadas were warm and filling with a homemade corn and bean salsa on top. The Pincho Mixta was my favorite though–tiny tiny serving but the chorizo was absolutely perfectly cooked!




The restaurant is definitely overpriced but the food is excellent. I knew I wanted to order the 1905 salad first. It’s a family recipe that was the first salad used on the original menu with ham, cheese, olives, ginger dressing and it’s actually dressed and tossed table side.

We were thinking about ordering the paella, since it is a speciality of theirs, however, we saw some neighboring tables ordering it and the plates just didn’t impress. I switched up last minute and ordered the Arroz con Pollo. It was is made to order and so it requires an extra wait time for cooking. It was worth it!



The Arroz con Pollo is actually cooked in a clay dish but they plate it table side. My best friend got the filet and it was also finished table side–I tell you what the service wasn’t so great, in fact, it was awful, but the table side service was excellent! His filet was flambéed table side and it was quite a show! They use a whiskey to flambé the meat and sauce and he even got a shot for himself!



Overall, I’d give it an 8. The food was great but the service sucked. Really. Thank goodness I had great company and good wine!

To finish off the night we grabbed a dessert (to-go) of Churros! They came with chocolate, caramel and guava sauces. The Guava was actually REALLY great with the Churros and I was surprised that I actually enjoyed it.


and I’ll end this post with more interior pictures. Have a great Monday!





Dinner Date

This weekend I got to have dinner with three of my favorite people:


My brother was staying at the Boardwalk resort for a conference for his work and my sister in law and niece came up for the weekend to have some Disney fun! They called to say they were making reservations on Friday night for Kouzzina, the Cat Cora restaurant at Boardwalk and I couldn’t say “we’ll join you” fast enough!


After a hard day at work I drove over to Disney’s Boardwalk resort.


First up: give my niece her birthday present! When we went to visit them two weeks ago I actually forgot her birthday present at home and I had to buy her a new present in Panama City. So, we had her gift ready to be opened and I must say it was a hit! One of the gifts was an umbrella I got her and she wanted to hold it all night long! It was so cute!!



After the gift opening we walked over to Kouzzina for our reservation. I loved looking around the place! It was simple and charming with comfortable seating and an open kitchen. I love when restaurants have open kitchens–just makes me feel like it’s more of an experience than just dinner!



We started with the pick three appetizer. We choose two orders of hummus and one order to tzatziki. Honestly, the pita bread was nothing special but the hummus was delicious! The tzatziki was a little over done on the dill and garlic but it wasn’t horrible. They also brought out a bread basket with three different types of olive oil, all of which were AMAZINGLY strong and not really worth it.



Look at Stevie trying to hide back there!

My main dish was the Kouzzina Trio – Tasting size portions of Greek-style Lasagna, Char-grilled Lamb Burger, and Cinnamon-stewed Chicken with Orzo. For $22.00 it was totally worth it. Honestly, I could have done without the greek lasagna (mashed potatoes with meat sauce and pasta was a little too much but it was good!). Honestly, the lamb burger was my favorite. It was spicy and cooked perfectly and the lamb was delicious! The chicken and orzo came in second place it had a light cinnamon taste and was light but filling.




It was a wonderful evening that I really didn’t want to come to and end so we hung out by the lake and fed the turtles and ducks for a little while.



After that it was time to head home… we had to make a stop for our kitchen renovation!


Camp Diva Doll

I had a VERY busy weekend over here… more posts are already lined up this week to share the fun news! I’m also finally catching up on reading my fav blogs… I had over 200 unread posts! WOW! And honestly, I don’t follow THAT many blogs LOL good thing I had an easy night tonight.

In addition to our kitchen, I also started a new Camp Diva Doll! It’s my gym’s version of boot camp. The past few months I’ve been working out pretty hard at Diva Doll but not paying attention to my eating at all. That means no weight loss and some weight gains 😦 Womp Womp!

So, I’m doing this months camp Diva Doll and I’m so excited! When I’m participating in the camp it’s as if nothing else matters, I can focus on myself and get in shape!

This past Sunday was day one and we started with a kick butt workout! I also started my veggie cleanse on Sunday and I’ll continue it until Thursday. Yes, Friday I’ll get to have a salad with chicken and hard boiled eggs!

So here’s the goal: this month get into the 230’s. Work out 5 days a week (even if it’s just a 30 minute walk). Eat right and don’t give in to temptation. There are healthy options out there! I just need to eat them!

I’ll be posting updates here as I go along to stay accountable and be in control of my eating.

Healthy Eating While Working

One of my biggest issues the past month has been eating healthy. I’ve been working out off an on but if my eating is still crap I can work out all I want, it doesn’t matter. So, August I’m making it my mission to develop a habit of healthy eating. I’m listing my breakfast and lunch ideas because honestly, dinner is a whole new post! Here are some of the meals I have planned:


Peanut (or Almond) Butter and Banana Smoothie

I typically use 1T peanut butter, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1 frozen banana, and a cup of ice. Blend it all up and you’ve got something delicious!


Fiber One Frosted Shredded Wheat Cereal (or really any cereal but the fiber one cereals keep me full. Anything else and I’m hungry an hour later)

I usually eat one cup of cereal with 1 cup of almond milk. It’s something that I’m trying to not eat every day (like I once was!) but just a couple times a week for sweet variety!


Canadian Bacon Egg Cups

These are actually something that I’ve been wanting to try because I could make some on a sunday and have breakfast for Monday and Tuesday. It’s basically canadian bacon baked with egg in the middle. I might even add a little bit of cheese when I go to heat them up!



Lunch is usually really easy for me if I just remember to bring it! I try to stay away from frozen meals but I’ve found one that I really really like and just can’t get enough of: Marie Callender’s Steamer Meals.

I really enjoy the Chicken Teriyaki but I’ve also had the macaroni and cheese with bacon! They actually keep me full for quite a while and are as easy as it gets.


Salads are also a classic at my work. I buy the Publix or Organic Girl tubs of lettuce and put sliced hardboiled egg, steamed carrots or broccoli, dressing and sometimes chickpeas or grilled chicken and then shake them up and eat!

20120728-223435.jpg. Here is one I made yesterday- greens, bacon bits, egg, dressing and cheese. I also added apple slices later on! Make sure you don’t go crazy on bacon and cheese or the fat content goes wild!


I’m also a really big fan of tuna fish sandwiched on sandwich thins with veggies and hummus dip. Or if I’m feeling extra special I stop and get the summer rolls from Publix! I love that spicy sauce!


I’m always on the lookout for new meals and ideas that are cheap, quick and EASY!