Finding my happiness!

So, The past few months have been awful at work…. quite honestly, it’s just not worth it to me working there anymore.  I know, I know, there are bad things at every job. I get that. But when your job starts to suck your happiness out of your life that’s when you know that things need to change.


That’s how I feel. Lost. Like I’m just treading water. Not going anywhere, not doing anything.  I think I’m listening too much to others as well.  I need to do more listening to myself.

Some things I’m going to try to find my happiness and feel like I’m moving forward again:

1) Start working out again and make it a priority.  The job is worthless if I’m not healthy.

2) Start blogging more.  Blogging helps me get my thoughts out and see how I’ve changed.  I think it’ll help me realize what really makes me happy too.

3) Start baking more.  I let the idea of a bakery go down the drain again this year because I let work get in the way.  That’s no way to treat my future.

4) Start crafting. I need to let my creativity flow. I’m too much of a creative girl to just sit here and not do it!

So those are some of my goals.  I really need to just start putting myself #1 and that’s so hard.  I’m one of those people who have that “do it no matter what and do it the best you can” attitudes even when I hate something.  Great for my employer, bad for myself.  I think I need to learn how to say “No!” every once in a while too. 

Anyone else have trouble with saying no and following their own passion/dreams?


5 Things

Each Sunday I’m going to try and post one-liners about 5 things I did the week before.  Then I’ll also post a few random pictures just because I can.  With that said the end of the first week of 2013 is already here! I can’t believe it!

It’s been a rough week! Here are some things we’re trying to figure out this week:

1) We went to the Dr. in hopes that we’ll find out what’s going on with my baby maker!

2) I realized that I absolutely hate my co-workers and employer but absolutely love my students.

3) I’ve become determined to find my happiness…. whatever that may be.

4) I got an awesome jersey from a dear friend-I am now the owner of THREE different jerseys. For a girl that doesn’t like sports this is BIG.

5) I bought a 10 card pass to get back at Diva Doll Fitness—Can’t wait to get back in shape and get my confidence back!

photo 1

photo 4

photo 3

A little shopping fun!

I’ve been needing to relax a little lot lately so the Husband suggested some retail therapy!

I stopped at Home Goods and found some amazing stuff!

First of all—they have awesome chandelier style cupcake and cake stands: check this out!



And I finally did something I’ve been dying to do for awhile now!  I saw the idea for using an Apothecary jar as a cupcake liner holder on Pinterest here:


So after seeing that I decided to make one myself! I didn’t want to actually make the jar so I decided to just buy one at Home Goods.  It was only $12.99!  That seems like a steal to me!

All empty:


Much better!



What’s that jar in the corner you ask?  It’s my vanilla bean paste that came in the mail today! Finally! Thank you Amazon!! (click the link to buy some yourself!)


Kitchen is nearly finished!

Well, it only took us about 4 months (who’s counting?) but we finally added hardware and painted our kitchen!

Here are some pictures! Need a reminder of what it looked like before? Check here and here! 

We took a week off for Christmas and I was getting pretty antsy that our vacation was almost over and we hadn’t completed a SINGLE thing!!  That’s just not relaxing to me!

So I made an executive decision and headed to Target to look at some hardware.  Quite honestly, we looked around and Target had the best deal on what we wanted. 

I was up in the air about using a round or oval knob but I went with oval and now I’m glad I did!


Then it was time to get to work!  We bought a couple guides from Lowe’s to make sure everything was perfect and got to drilling!


Here was a near victory Instagram photo!


Since I had some primer laying round I went ahead and got to work priming the walls too!


We headed over to Lowe’s and picked up a Valspar paint color from Lowes’ National Trust For Historic Preservation Colors called Cincinnatian Hotel Nichols Taupe.  I really like it!  It’s a neutral that really flows well with the home and I hope to use either pinks and browns or bright colors in this room down the road.




(a little Christmas tree action with the new paint color!)



I’m so happy that we finally crossed something off our list!  It’s as close to done as it’s going to get for the next three weeks!

New Year New Posts

I’ve only made a few resolutions for the new year… but I think they are some pretty darn good ones!



Did you make any resolutions?

On life

So, this has been the busiest time of the year at the office and I’ve taken on a few part times activities. In other words, we’ve been BUSY!

What’s new?!

So, here’s to hoping that I’ll be blogging more actively from here on out! There’s a lot to do and discuss!

Oh yeah and expect a lot photo dumps soon!

Motivation Monday