Planning for today!

I’m going to be completely honest.  I’m anal about organization but completely unorganized in my life.  I really never used a planner and I tried using the calendar in my iPhone but it just doesn’t work for me.  Even with reminders I like to see things a month or week in advance all written out and detailed.  So, after some inspiring photos and ideas from i heart organizing and A Bowl Full of Lemons I decided to make my own planner!  I’m hoping that my creating my own I’ll actually use it!

I headed on over to Staples to check out their Martha Stewart line!  I am not going to lie… that many pretty office supply products in one space made me giddy!

Martha Stewart Home Office Staples



So I started buying! You’ve honestly got to be pretty careful… before you know it you could be spending $75-100 on a planner!  I decided to go with the three ring binder method.  I picked up the following:

1) 3 Ring Binder (small size)

2) Zipper pouch

3) 18 month calendar insert

4) Notes sheets

5) Planner insert with note tabs and sticky notes

6) Teal dividers

Approx. Grand Total: $35!

Here’s how it looks:

Martha Stewart Binder Staples

Martha Stewart Binder StaplesMartha Stewart Binder Staples

I made that cover page myself!

  Martha Stewart Binder Staples

Martha Stewart Binder Staples Martha Stewart Binder Staples

So far I’ve been using it a lot! Let’s hope that keeps up! I really like being able to see everything all at once and have it organized!  I made tabs for blogging and meal planning too!  Let’s hope I can keep up with those 🙂  I have quite a few blog ideas already written down—I just need to find the time to write them!


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