5 Things

Each Sunday I’m going to try and post one-liners about 5 things I did the week before.  Then I’ll also post a few random pictures just because I can.  With that said the end of the first week of 2013 is already here! I can’t believe it!

It’s been a rough week! Here are some things we’re trying to figure out this week:

1) We went to the Dr. in hopes that we’ll find out what’s going on with my baby maker!

2) I realized that I absolutely hate my co-workers and employer but absolutely love my students.

3) I’ve become determined to find my happiness…. whatever that may be.

4) I got an awesome jersey from a dear friend-I am now the owner of THREE different jerseys. For a girl that doesn’t like sports this is BIG.

5) I bought a 10 card pass to get back at Diva Doll Fitness—Can’t wait to get back in shape and get my confidence back!

photo 1

photo 4

photo 3


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