What a way to spend a Sunday

On Friday we discovered that our dryer had broken! Thankfully, the husband did some investigative work and discovered it was only a broken belt. However, that means we are spending our Sunday morning here:


The local laundromat! Not usually exciting news but I felt the need to write about this because 1) I’m bored and 2) why not, it’s life!

Okay, do you guys know how expensive a laundromat is now and days? Let me break it down:
2.75 a wash
.25 for every 5 minutes of dry time

So we did five loads of wash (we decided to leave out some blankets due to the cost) and five 20 minute dryer runs at 5 bucks for a grand total of 18.75!! Seriously?? And that’s assuming our comforters and clothes are dry after 20 min.


I realize that most people who go to a laundromat don’t own a washer and dryer, but all I can think is if you would buy a used washer and dryer for about 200 bucks you would save so much money!

Am I wrong? I know the hardest part would be the upfront cost but I can just imagine how much you could save in quarters!

Maybe I was just always lucky. I only had to use a laundromat when I lived in the UCF dorms. I’ve always lived somewhere with a washer and dryer since then but this seems like an expensive morning. Not I mention hot. These dryers are way hotter than my dryer at home!

Anyone use a laundromat regularly? Is it cheaper than having your own washer an dryer? I realize I’m not factoring in electric costs… Hope everyone else has a great Sunday!


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