A+ in Planning!

I know that eating is a big part of losing weight. It’s also my biggest downfall. What an awful thing when you are trying to lose weight, right?

With some help of a dear friend of mine (he’ll be call “My Boo” on the blog) I’ve taken the tiny little leap it takes to buy up my food and cook a week’s worth of lunches in one day!

I went to the grocery store and got busy cooking. Sadly, when I didn’t do was get the stuff needed for a few of the meals I was hoping for but I still got some great food. It’ll be simple and kind of boring, but I’ve accepted that if I want to lose weight, exciting Tijuana Flats, Cracker Barrel, Chinese take out, etc just won’t cut it–it won’t in any dream world!


I grabbed some broccoli, chicken breasts, asparagus and some new containers and got to work! I’ve got about 6 meals ready to be made. I also grabbed some yogurt, raw veggies, and apples to keep me full in between.


I’m ready to make this work–I’m really wanting to lose a couple more pounds before this baby making officially begins!

What are some meals that you usually make to stay on track and healthy?


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