The Bathroom-During!

(see the first part here.)

This bathroom was a bit of a headache.  We actually had to call in a professional to assist with some of the plumbing issues with the shower and tub.  Apparently, the connections weren’t really up to par and the Husband has some plumbing experience but he didn’t want to handle such a big job.  Play it safe when you need to, folks!

 011 012 024 025

Once we finally got that taken care of we painted and installed the vanity.

028 036 041

I wish I could find pictures of the tile install.  It was quite a job but thankfully the Husband used to install tile each summer working at his grandfather’s tile business.

 033 035

After all that work it was time to finally finish up the bathroom and give it some decor!


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One thought on “The Bathroom-During!

  1. arzea September 20, 2012 at 4:05 PM Reply

    just looking at this gives me serious anxiety….

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