Work outs, ninja what?!

Anyone else wondering where my workouts have gone?

Yeah, me too.

I go on vacation and you’d think workouts just left my life forever.

Well, they kind of did.  Since I’ve been back from my vacation I’ve worked out twice.  Just TWO TIMES. What a slacker…


It’s not that I got especially lazy, I just came back to a busy week at work and I’m exhausted. 


I know, best excuse ever!  Seriously, the stress I’ve been feeling at work this week is something I’m not used to.  There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes too that make everything harder for me.

So, I’m trying.  I’ve decided to focus on eating right and give myself until Sunday to start fresh with a more consistent workout schedule.

I’m trying to not be a whiner but I’m just not feeling it and I don’t want to force it.  Is that a bad thing?  Should I just suck it up and do it? Or give myself a couple more days to slowly get back into my routine?



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