Bathroom Re-do-The Before

When we first moved into our home there were quite a few rooms that we just KNEW we would have to remodel.   The guest bathroom was one of those rooms.  We actually did this remodel last year, I just never blogged about it!  It’s probably best that I saved your eyes from all of this.

To start… I always knew I could make a small bathroom look beautiful.  Have you seen the amazing makeover from Young House Love?



However, the more we looked at our bathroom, the more we wondered if it was really possible.  No really, it was bad. Really bad.  Well, take a look for yourself!

We actually painted the blue hoping it’d make it better—HA! I was so wrong!  It was a purple color.

See! I told you! It was awful… We had actually planned on waiting a while before doing the bathroom, but like most of our renovations tend to go we found a sale and jumped on it!  We were walking into Home Depot and saw this vanity on sale:


I can’t find that same vanity anymore online but this is a similar.  I remember when we started I was looking at natural simple and neutral options.  I was thinking this for tile:

Who wouldn’t?  I mean really, look at how awesome pebble floors are!

And I envisioned something like this emerging from our bathroom disaster:

Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest


Just so you know, to get that bathroom, it helps to start out a little more!  Oh well, we weren’t really deterred.  Tomorrow I’ll show you some in progress (if I can still find them—oops!) and the final product!


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2 thoughts on “Bathroom Re-do-The Before

  1. arzea September 19, 2012 at 11:25 AM Reply

    omg my jaw dropped!! This looks so fabulous!! Great job!!

  2. RedCandy September 19, 2012 at 6:18 PM Reply

    Those pebble tiles are gorgeous!

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