Thrifty Beach Souvenirs

When we were on vacation I knew I wanted to pick up souvenirs for a few close friends.  The problem: everything at a beach gift shop costs so much money!

I have one girlfriend that loves all things pink, so when I found so many rose petal shells on the beaches by our condo I had the perfect idea—I’ll make her a beach in a jar!  Filled with enough pink shells to make the illusion of a pink band in the jar itself.

thrifty beach souvenir

We collected a ton of these rose petal shells along the beaches in Ft. Myers.  I think my favorite part about this gift is the fact that we took time together to hunt for this.  The Husband was always on the lookout for pink rose petal shells!  Almost as if it was a scavenger hunt!


I knew they would be perfect for my friend’s gift so we wrapped them up carefully and brought them home.

The first thing I did was soak the shells in a solution of 50% water and 50% bleach.  This was actually something I read off a pamphlet from the shell museum we visited.

After soaking I laid all the shells out to dry.


Then I grabbed a mason jar with a lid.  You can use any kind of jar you have—in fact any old pickle or jelly jar would work really well too!  These cost about a buck and a half if you buy them by themselves at a craft store or about $6-9 bucks at Target for a whole case.  I had some leftover scrapbook paper so a made a lid cover and just wrote the name of the beach on it.  Easy is always a good thing!


So, I had clean shells, some sand that we also collected before we left the beach (but you may want to use sand from the store—then you know it’s sanitary.  Hindsight people!), and a jar. It was time to put it all together!



It’s really THAT easy, just fill the jar with some sand and add your shells!


I thought all the pink looked a little lonely so I also added a sand dollar.

The other day I found this ribbon at Michael’s for $1—it’s perfect for this project!

IMG_7995  IMG_8004 IMG_8003

Pretty cute AND easy, right?


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