Plan to get on track!

You know, I really wish I lived in a dream world where breakfasts like this:

IMG_7767 IMG_7774

Would give me a body like this:


Full figured and fit looking!

So, on vacation I may have gone a little bit nuts.  I think I ate fairly good for lunches and dinners but let’s face it.  Bacon and egg biscuits and cinnamon rolls aren’t in a healthy category in any food pyramid! Except maybe this one…


It’s okay though! Thanks to Diva Doll, I’ve got a plan.  It’s not the same as one I talked about before but it’s more of a 3-4 day deal.  This weekend is going to be hard core!  I’ve got workouts Saturday and Sunday (1 hr each) and 45 minutes of yoga on Sunday morning as well.

I stocked up on some fruit and veggie juices and got a couple starter veggies.  So essentially, I’ll be juicing this weekend.  Last time I did something similar to this was for my first boot camp and it was awesome.  I didn’t get headaches and never really felt angry (or hangry in my case!)  This isn’t a long term eating plan, just short term to get me to a goal and get me back on track.

Here is my “starter” kit for tonight:


Green Goddess Juice

Berry Veggie Juice



(not shown) spinach with grilled chicken


I’m hoping that this will be a jump start for me to get back on track.  I know that I’ve got to watch what I eat and eat the right foods if I still want to hit my 30 pound goal!


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