Honeymoon Day 5-Part 1

What a morning we’ve had already!  We’re actually taking a mid-day break today so I thought I’d get some blogging in a little early.  This way I won’t be exhausted tonight trying to remember everything I did!

Today might give you deja vu!  We decided to head to Heavenly Biscuit for breakfast once again.  Even the Husband thought that these were the best cinnamon rolls he’s had.  I have to agree!


(See the blue and red round containers at the top?  Those are pitchers that they keep the icing—they heat up each roll then pour it over! Delicious!)

I got a biscuit with egg and two strips of bacon today. 


I don’t know what recipe they use for their biscuits but they really are the best ones I’ve had in a LONG time.  The lady that works there is quite a sweet gal!  She remembered us and made sure to get both of our names so that if we came back any other time during our trip she would know us.  I can honestly say, we’ll probably be back tomorrow!  Hey, you only live once, right?

After that we headed over to the Mound House.  The Mound House is the oldest standing home on the Island.  It’s actually on an ancient Calusa Indian Mound that’s over 2,000 years old! 

IMG_1916 IMG_2706

(source for both pictures above)

I learned that Ft. Myers Beach actually became a town in 1995.  The Mound House was the first historical property (or project?) that the town acquired (with help from funds from the Florida Communities Trust).  Our tour guide was Kelly and she was so helpful!  I was impressed with how many varieties of the plants she knew and while she was open about what she didn’t know (history-wise) she knew so much I really felt like I could see the Calusa Indians running around, working, fishing—you really step back in time.

IMG_7636 IMG_7638 IMG_7639 IMG_7642

One great feature of the site was the underground area.  This area was created by removing an in-ground swimming pool that was placed on the site in the 1950’s.   The cavity that was created then became a room where we can see the layers of all the shells!  2,000 years of history that was built up over time for us to view. 

IMG_7647 IMG_7650

They play a movie that explains what you are seeing when sitting there and the LED lights along the walls represent different times. So, the shells around the red area were carbon dated to be almost 2,000 years old, around the blue are 1400-1500 years old and so on. The yellow is actually mixed of older shells where they believe the Calusa tribe may have been “recycling” shells to build up the mound.

After we visited the mound house we wanted to find lunch.  We actually decided to do some “Freestylin’”—in other words, no iPhone, no UrbanSpoon, we just looked for signs!  We headed down to an area by a bunch of marinas under the bridge.  We found Beach Seafood Market and pulled on in!  It’s an old fashioned marina with fresh seafood—in other words, exactly what we needed for lunch!

IMG_7659IMG_7652 IMG_7655 IMG_7656 

I ordered the bacon wrapped shrimp and scallops and the Husband got the blackened fish.  I really enjoyed the bacon wrapped shrimp—they used HUGE shrimp for this but honestly, the scallops were not my favorite.  They were a little TOO fresh (I know, I know, first world problems here) and were so seafood-y that it kinda upset my stomach.  It was almost to the point that they weren’t fully cooked.  BUT the bacon was so delicious.


I wanted to take one of these guys home with me!

Since we were done with our tours early we headed out to the beach again! We’ve gone out there every day—I mean seriously, look at that view, who wouldn’t want to go out there each day?!  Plus, a hour walk on that sand each day (sometimes two hours) really gives you a great workout!

IMG_7661 IMG_7663 IMG_7670 IMG_7683 IMG_7689

It’s hard to see in this picture but that splash is caused by a little ray!  He actually swam up into the little shelf and swam over my foot!  I was so excited then he splashed off and swamp away.  I’ll be posting about our beach visit later on so stay tuned!


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