Honeymoon Day 1

Today was the start of our honeymoon!  I know, you’re probably thinking, weren’t you guys married like in 2009?  Yes, yes we were.  And nope, we never took a honeymoon.  And in all honesty, we never even have had a real true vacation.  Any trip we make is usually connected to work or family so we never really have time for us to just be alone and enjoy our time together.

So, this honeymoon was a big deal for us.  We even knew this was something we wanted to do before we had a child and so we put it on our Baby Bucket List.  We started out this morning running late.  Doesn’t that always happen?  We had to do some laundry and clean up the house before we could head out.

So we finally hit the road!  We had a 3.5-4 hr trip ahead of us.


We don’t like take major highways when we can avoid them, so I was excited when we were getting off the highway around Winter Haven.  We have a lot of towns that start with Winter… Winter Haven, Winter Park, Winter Garden, we apparently love winter here in Florida. har har har 😉

Once in Winter Haven we stopped for a pick-me-up: Pumpkin Lattes!


I love Pumpkin anything—I never really used to care at all but now when Pumpkin flavors come out at Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts I just can’t resist ordering them.

Winter Haven is such a cute town.  Here are some of the things I saw while the husband was driving:

IMG_7033 IMG_7037 IMG_7045

We started back on the road and around Punta Gorda we realized we were hungry!  We drove right past this place and the crowds on the front porch called to us!  We made a quick U-Turn and walked up to eat at Peace River Seafood

IMG_7059 IMG_7061IMG_7058

The menu wasn’t anything huge or wordy but it did require some thought.  The husband went with blue crabs and I couldn’t get over the gator, crab, shrimp and fish gumbo with saffron rice!  Oh my goodness they were both so delicious!


IMG_7066 IMG_7067   See those huge chunks of meat?  That’s pure gator!  Delicious!


This little girl was our dining neighbor and she was so delightful!  She really wanted crackers but didn’t care much for any other kind of food.


After lunch we finished the trip and made it to our condo.  Tomorrow, I’ll have a post up about our room! It’s picture heavy so you’ve been warned!


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