Boot Camp is Over!

August boot camp is finally over! I’m not going to lie I BARELY stuck with the “program” this time. What did happen was a change in habits. I was healthy, ate a lot of salads, lean proteins and TONS of vegetables and fruit. I would allow a frozen yogurt treat (Love High Five!) on Sundays and a slight cheat (instead of my former burger and fries, I’d have a burger with no bun and salad as a side). I feel very accomplished with what I have done. In all, I lost another 10 pounds this month. I honestly think I can do a steady 6-8 pounds a month without suffering or feeling stressed.

Here are my goals for September:

Only on cheat day a week and the cheat needs to be kept in check!


Reward myself after a workout with protein and a relaxing half hour with a magazine or trashy tv show (depending on the husbands mood).


Work out at least 6 days a week (I currently average 5)


Most importantly remember to eat healthy–it’ll make my body better and stronger.



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One thought on “Boot Camp is Over!

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