What’s Real Beauty?

Since I’ve been doing bootcamps and trying to lose weight I’ve noticed myself really giving in to an unreal sense of beauty. I mean just hop on Pinterest and images like this are everywhere:




Really, is that even for real?! What kind of ideas does society have for us if that’s all I see every time I open my laptop or a fitness magazine? So, I’ve decided that I needed to find some of my own inspiration. Real women inspiration. Real healthy fitness inspiration. Here are my favorites, sadly though, I never saved the links so they were probably just saved from random google searches. None of the pictures are mine.




Gorgeous, right?? Big beautiful women! They look so healthy and fit even if they do have a little more “oomph” to love, right?


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One thought on “What’s Real Beauty?

  1. Free Your Mind Today August 29, 2012 at 3:50 PM Reply

    I absolutely agree, the full figured women look happy and healthy. But there’s nothing wrong with an athletic body either. I like either 🙂

    I think the real issue that people have is that you can’t be happy with yourself if you’re constantly comparing your features to everyone else. I know that sounds like too simple of an answer, but it’s true.

    I wish I were taller, but I never will be. I would never, ever, ever complain again about my curly hair… if it would grow back! Now, I am still too pudgy around my waist, but I am choosing to fix that. Either way, I’m happy with myself, and I hope more people can be too (with themselves, not me 🙂

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