Making New!

I am the queen of losing earrings. Really, I am. That or I break them. I don’t know why it’s just something that I’m great at. About two years ago I started making my own jewelry. Mostly because I was bored and partly because I’ve also got some grand dream that I’ll have my own business one day. The problem is that I like doing so many things I lose focus. More on that another day… but jewelry! I learned jewelry was more for fun.

I found these earrings on sale at Target a few months back and adored them so I bought them as soon as I could! The other day I noticed that I was suddenly missing a hook to one of them so this weekend I finally fixed it.


The first step is to buy some earring hooks. I had this pack I purchased a couple years ago in my craft box. I believe they are only a couple bucks and you can find them anywhere that sells jewelry (I bought mine at Michael’s)


The first step is to take some needle nose pliers and VERY carefully open the small hoop (a jump ring) that is attached to the earring. Be careful that you don’t bend the earring as well!


Then you’ll want to do the same for the new hook that you’re going to use. See that small ball and wrapped wire? Those typically butt up right to the hoop to prevent accidentally losing an earring when you’re wearing it in case you don’t close it back up all the way. I didn’t get a good picture but essentially you’ll just thread the earring on to your new hook and then use the pliers to carefully close it up again.


Voila! It’s like earring are made new again.


You can do this with any jewelry… bracelets and necklaces that lose lobster closures or jump rings can easily be fixed within minutes if you just keep some small rings and pliers on hand. Of course, anything real fancy and expensive should be taken to a quality jeweler that is trained and experienced so that you don’t ruin anything with value! These $4.99 Target earrings can handle a cheap hook 🙂 Also, I have really really sensitive skin and surprisingly these don’t tarnish or bother me. I’ll keep crossing my fingers on that!


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