Kitchen Remodel Phase 1: Progress!

Tomorrow we are going to have our granite installed so we started doing some last minute arrangements to ensure that we are good to go before the installers arrive. That meant making sure the old counter top was clear and ready to be moved. During that process we also measure for the new sink. And we hit a snaffau (snaffou? snaffeauz? whatever). Apparently we have an air gap in an odd place for our sink and therefore where the previous sink arched up it would hit the pipe. See there at the top of the sink–how it arches on the left. That’s where the pipe would be!


So, it was back to Home Depot we went. We looked at more all-in-one options and separate options as well. We found the winner! And BONUS–it was about $100 cheaper!



While I was in the store I also decided to look at some more tile options. One option would be VERY expensive but perfect in my dream world. Penny round mosaic with braided trim and subway trial.



I am still thinking about subway tile and loving the idea but I decided to look at some more mosaic options. I’m really leaning towards the tan and blue colors. A nice neutral palate would be really good for re-sale.



So, tomorrow evening we’ll have new countertops! I’m extremely excited for the makeover that is about to occur in my home!


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