My Thoughts on Baby Planning

You always hear “you’ll never be prepared for a child.” I absolutely get that. I do. However, I believe that you can be as prepared as possible. Quite honestly, most of my friends have had children very young and out of wedlock. I honestly have no problem with that but it’s just not what I would want for my life. It’s not how I imagined raising my children.

My dream: I have my children, stay at home to raise them, live a minimalist lifestyle, when they go to school I give my all as a wife, mother and volunteer or work part-time somewhere that I find to be truly fun.

The truth is–to have that kind of lifestyle means you have to be patient and you have to, in a way, plan for it. At least to have that lifestyle and not feel financial pressure.


The husband and I have been doing a lot of baby talking lately. We’ve talked about when we want to start trying (and with no known health issues we think this should go well), things we want to accomplish before we have a child (like a real honeymoon), how we want our child raised.

Recently, we’ve opened up on the topic of being a stay at home mom. Before that didn’t seem in our reach. Honestly, kids are expensive. Really expensive. However, once we started looking into day cares and the fact that due to my job we’ll need extended hours we started talking about deductions, less driving, cooking meals at home and how much we could save by me not working.

Things I’ll enjoy: staying at home will give me an opportunity to provide my child with the life I dream for them and I could make some money on the side having my own shop on Etsy. I used to have a shop but honestly had so many big orders that I couldn’t do them with how many hours I work (I am away from home from 8AM-7PM–that’s a LONG day!). I would love the opportunity to reopen my shop and really make some small spending money from something that I can really excel at doing.

So, for now, we’re open to debate. More baby posts will be coming in the future. I should add a rattle to my blog header lol


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One thought on “My Thoughts on Baby Planning

  1. father2bblog August 14, 2012 at 2:30 PM Reply

    Great post to read, it seems we are in a similar situation. Its a relief to me to see how others are going through this process. Looking forward to future posts to compare notes 🙂
    -Best of luck 🙂 !

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