Kitchen Remodel Phase 1 Progress

The husband recently finished up the trim work in the kitchen and that means Phase 1 is almost complete!

We have a lot of tricky corners in this home and it was even more true in the kitchen!




Sorry for the lighting, I use my iPhone for EVERYTHING and the lighting in the kitchen is always awful. Anyways, those corners and tight little areas make it pretty hard to put up trim but like always the husband came through!

We move the small kitchen table back into the kitchen and it looks so much better than it did on those ugly tile floors! That table was a steal we got one weekend on sale from Ikea. It was a table and two chairs for $80! They still have the same style but in a larger size here


The final step in our kitchen phase 1 is the countertops and sink. I went to another granite yard this morning before work so that I could approve my template layout over my stone before they make the cuts. Essentially, I’m just saying that it’s okay where they are going to make the cuts to ensure that the pieces we get for our counters are absolutely perfect.

See the tape? That’s the part we don’t want!


It will ale about 7-10 business days to cut and then it’ll be installed. I think it’s going to make an amazing difference!!


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2 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodel Phase 1 Progress

  1. reallifereslers August 14, 2012 at 7:32 AM Reply

    Hi there! Ran across your blog while researching things in Mount Dora . My aunt lives there and we’ll be making a visit this winter. Love what you’re doing with your kitchen! My hubby and I are runners too. Did our first warrior dash this summer! I’m off the 5k circuit for awhile-pregnant & my midwife said shed rather I cut down my running a little!

    • angiemae2401 August 15, 2012 at 1:00 AM Reply

      Thanks for stopping by! We love living here! There is a 5k and half marathon happening in December here! You should do it! 🙂

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