Camp Diva Week 1

Today was out week 1 weigh in for Camp Diva! I’ve really been using this past week as a chance to set goals for long-term weight loss.

The last boot camp was awesome, but I was SO anal about everything that I took it too far. I was weighing in twice a day, had a huge binder with notes, went crazy nuts! So now I’m just trying to lose a couple pounds a week and get stronger.

The idea for boot camp is to lose a lot of weight and be extremely hard core, but I’m just not feeling that this time. I’m really more interested in learning what to do for life, something realistic (which plain vegetables each day is NOT).

Here is a before/after post from the last camp. And now it’s time to start fresh and learn how to do this for life.

So, let’s start with some statistics:

Weight loss at the end of Boot Camp 1: -16.5
Weight at the beginning of Boot Camp 2: -12
Weight after week 1 of Boot Camp 2: -19

Not too bad, huh??


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