The Ultimate Cupcake Fail

Sometimes, life just doesn’t happen the way you hoped it would.

Last night I was ready to bake The Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake. ULTIMATE people. I mean I had high hopes for this. I have a cupcake recipe that I usually use but figured, it wouldn’t hurt to try!


Well, we had a massive fail. I don’t know what it was honestly. I keep asking, did I over beat, over mix, were the eggs too cold? Butter too warm? Too much butter? Should I really have omitted butter?!

I ended up with heavy dense sponges. I mean really, this is the inside of the cupcakes—no one looks at that and thinks “Oh wow, let me have another!”


The recipe is at the link above. I know for a fact something was up—but for now, I’ll be sticking with my usual recipe. The one I know and love. And have neglected for too long.

This weekend I’ll be baking more. I’ve got to step up my game and prove my baked goods are the best!


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