Kitchen Remodel Phase 1-Half-way point

So, I need to back up a little. I never fully showed off our hideous kitchen! Here are some before pictures, just to whet the appetite!

Beautiful right?? LOL Absolutely not move-in ready!

After we selected the granite (Rosa Fresca to be exact) I needed to approve our slab at the granite yard. This place was actually pretty sweet—it had a large warehouse with fans to keep it cool while we looked around at the different slab options. Here’s the one I approved.

Very neutral right? Only a couple gray splotches too, so very little movement naturally. That’s what I’m going for! Remember, we’re really just “flipping” the kitchen to ensure we won’t get hurt too badly when we go to sell. We are also wondering if this is good timing or bad timing to call a real estate agent to do a walk through? Like a before and after? We’re thinking about it….

Moving on… with the granite picked out we scheduled the template to come and be completed the following week. We were worried about the flooring. What if our new flooring shifted everything just a smidgen so that the cabinets didn’t sit well? Worse—if the countertops get installed we can’t easily move the cabinets meaning we can’t move the fridge meaning the cabinets and fridge will have different flooring under them. Not awful, but not the way we wanted it. I mean, if you’re going to do something, do it right, right?

So, Friday night after our lovely dinner with the family at Disney we stopped by home depot and picked up new flooring! Crazy, right? Floors decided on within one day and picked up on Friday night to be installed on Saturday morning. Whew. We had our work cut out for us.

The worst part was honestly around our bay window and getting started. After that, everything was a breeze and I’m in love with the new floors. Now I can’t wait to paint these darn cabinets!!


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