Making Plans for the Kitchen!

Absolutly not related to running but most certainly related to baking! This post will be the first of a few ransom posts that will last for a couple months! Read on…

The biggest eyesore when we moved into our home was….(drum roll please) our kitchen!

It was crappy laminate wood floors (like cheap cheap cheap!), laminate counter tops that were badly cut, mismatched cabinets and poor storage solutions.

We always knew we’d have to redo it and now the time has come. We know that we want to sell our home in the spring and with the market the way it’s been we realized that the kitchen would HAVE to be upgraded (no if’s and’s or but’s about it!).

We always thought we’d go with something like this:

Wood countertops (Ikea) and white cabinets (to hide the mismatched colors) with wood floors was our game plan… Seemed like it’s be quick and easy but we needed to save some money. Even small kitchens are a few thousand dollars!

Then the other night we thought we’d stop at Home Depot to look at some tile options. We ended up finding a GREAT sale on some Granite called Rosa Fresca.

It was on sale and Home Depot had a special going on—10% off new countertops and cabinets! Since installed products have no taxes we really came out ahead so we decided the kitchen remodel would be moved up and completed in stages.

Here is our game plan:

So, yepp, we bought it! We also picked up a sink while we were there. It was on a special and is double basin, with racks and strainers. We really couldn’t pass up a deal like this and our current sink is absolutely awful, so really, could you blame us??

Honestly, we didn’t plan to purchase this early but we have been saving so it just seemed to line up for us perfectly! If we hadnt’ already had this plan we mind we wouldn’t have made such an impulse purchase, trust me! Anyways, it feels great to already have one item down for such a big project!

Next post–before pictures and granite selection!


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4 thoughts on “Making Plans for the Kitchen!

  1. Diana August 7, 2012 at 10:46 AM Reply

    Ahh home improvement projects!! Love reading about other people doing but would probably not like doing it myself. I hope to pick up a few pointers from you 🙂

    • angiemae2401 August 7, 2012 at 8:20 PM Reply

      Let’s hope you pick up pointers because it all goes smoothly-not because it ends up being full of mistakes lol

  2. […] crazy nightmare. If we’re all being honest here. So, the deal at HomeDepot was great (see it here) but after we paid our project was shipped out to a Project Manager. I like to call her “The […]

  3. […] are some pictures! Need a reminder of what it looked like before? Check here and […]

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