Dinner Date

This weekend I got to have dinner with three of my favorite people:


My brother was staying at the Boardwalk resort for a conference for his work and my sister in law and niece came up for the weekend to have some Disney fun! They called to say they were making reservations on Friday night for Kouzzina, the Cat Cora restaurant at Boardwalk and I couldn’t say “we’ll join you” fast enough!


After a hard day at work I drove over to Disney’s Boardwalk resort.


First up: give my niece her birthday present! When we went to visit them two weeks ago I actually forgot her birthday present at home and I had to buy her a new present in Panama City. So, we had her gift ready to be opened and I must say it was a hit! One of the gifts was an umbrella I got her and she wanted to hold it all night long! It was so cute!!



After the gift opening we walked over to Kouzzina for our reservation. I loved looking around the place! It was simple and charming with comfortable seating and an open kitchen. I love when restaurants have open kitchens–just makes me feel like it’s more of an experience than just dinner!



We started with the pick three appetizer. We choose two orders of hummus and one order to tzatziki. Honestly, the pita bread was nothing special but the hummus was delicious! The tzatziki was a little over done on the dill and garlic but it wasn’t horrible. They also brought out a bread basket with three different types of olive oil, all of which were AMAZINGLY strong and not really worth it.



Look at Stevie trying to hide back there!

My main dish was the Kouzzina Trio – Tasting size portions of Greek-style Lasagna, Char-grilled Lamb Burger, and Cinnamon-stewed Chicken with Orzo. For $22.00 it was totally worth it. Honestly, I could have done without the greek lasagna (mashed potatoes with meat sauce and pasta was a little too much but it was good!). Honestly, the lamb burger was my favorite. It was spicy and cooked perfectly and the lamb was delicious! The chicken and orzo came in second place it had a light cinnamon taste and was light but filling.




It was a wonderful evening that I really didn’t want to come to and end so we hung out by the lake and fed the turtles and ducks for a little while.



After that it was time to head home… we had to make a stop for our kitchen renovation!



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