Camp Diva Doll

I had a VERY busy weekend over here… more posts are already lined up this week to share the fun news! I’m also finally catching up on reading my fav blogs… I had over 200 unread posts! WOW! And honestly, I don’t follow THAT many blogs LOL good thing I had an easy night tonight.

In addition to our kitchen, I also started a new Camp Diva Doll! It’s my gym’s version of boot camp. The past few months I’ve been working out pretty hard at Diva Doll but not paying attention to my eating at all. That means no weight loss and some weight gains 😦 Womp Womp!

So, I’m doing this months camp Diva Doll and I’m so excited! When I’m participating in the camp it’s as if nothing else matters, I can focus on myself and get in shape!

This past Sunday was day one and we started with a kick butt workout! I also started my veggie cleanse on Sunday and I’ll continue it until Thursday. Yes, Friday I’ll get to have a salad with chicken and hard boiled eggs!

So here’s the goal: this month get into the 230’s. Work out 5 days a week (even if it’s just a 30 minute walk). Eat right and don’t give in to temptation. There are healthy options out there! I just need to eat them!

I’ll be posting updates here as I go along to stay accountable and be in control of my eating.


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