Day 3 of my Vacation

Day three was going to be BIG! We started out early driving towards Pensacola.

The fun thing about I-10 in Pensacola is that there is a Blue Angel greeting you on your way into town! I made the husband stand by it for a few pictures! He had never been here after all!



We then started our trip out in my hometown of Pace. I grew up in Pace from age 3-18 and I really loved growing up there. It’s very country but extremely close to the beach which accounts for my country/beach girl attitude. A Florida joke is that you can always tell the girls from the panhandle–we’ve got cowboy boots and bikini tans. Makes sense 🙂



Around lunch time we were STARVING so we hit up Joey Patti’s Seafood for some fried mullet! Mullet is a speciality in the Pensacola area–leave the area and it’s just blah nasty bait fish. It was the husbands first time having mullet so I was very excited for him to experience this!

We also stopped into Joe Patti’s Seafood market so that the husband could check it out. This place is HUGE and they’ll ship anything right to your front door! Fresh local seafood is all this place is about!






After Joe Pattis was my favorite moment of the day–J’s Pastry shop! J’s is the place we used to stop every Sunday after church. The petit fours are AMAZING and you can’t find any like it anywhere else. So amazing, I bought 4 dozen right then and there. I’ll give a lot away and eat more than my share, but after not having them for a couple years, it was well deserved!




After J’s it was only about 3 o’clock so we headed out to Pensacola NAS to show the husband the museum. He had never been there before (and had only been on two military bases before this–both times with me!) so it was an eye opening experience for him. He didn’t think he would be really into the museum at first, with so many planes but once he started to see the historical aspect he really enjoyed himself! He even said that we should have a whole day just for the museum–and he’s right! It’s huge!






Also, on base is where my grandmother is buried. We took him by so that I could visit her grave and he could experience an military cemetery. I loved my grandmother so much, when we lost her it was the hardest thing I had to ever go through.



Before we left Pensacola we had one more stop–the BEACH!! My mom has really been wanting to go up on the 360 Observation wheel and so we made sure to save time to do that! The wheel goes up about 185-195 feet in the air and you can see the gulf and the beach and surrounding Pensacola area in all it’s beauty and glory. While I think the money could have been spent better on the beach, I hope it’ll help boost some of the economy in the area.






We took our time going back home driving the length of the beach and stopped for dinner before calling the day quits. We stayed out until after midnight and we were exhausted! We couldn’t sleep in though–the next day was the birthday party we were all there for!




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