Day 2 of my Vacation

After our first night on the navy base we woke up ready to get in a walk around the base. This base is so nice! The water, the constant breeze, it was great for a work out 🙂





After a walk around and a quick run for me we hit up the Red Elephant for lunch. I WISH there was a Red Elephant near me because this place was great! We started with the hummus and homemade pita chips because we were both STARVING and then I had a salad with pineapple, apple, strawberries, turkey, cheese and tangy tomato dressing. Apparently, the owner of Red Elephant used to work out Outback and was the guy that created the tangy tomato dressing!





Then we decided to drive around a little bit so that I could get dessert. I found a cute shop called One Hot Cupcake and it was delicious! The owner was such a sweetheart and took the time to tell us about all of their cupcakes and specials that they offer. I got a few different kinds to try out with the family–they LOVED that treat!





I only wish all the cupcakes had more filling–I’m a big filling girl and I love opening a cupcake and being surprised by all the gooey goodness inside!

We then went back to the beach house to get our little birthday girl and load her up for a trip from her crowded beach to our quiet one on the base. She had a lot of fun building sandcastles and then destroying them! The best thing about the bay is that it is sooo shallow! The husband and I were able to walk out about 200 feet and the water was still only up to our knees. The only deep part is in the canal where the boats are allowed to go in and out.





We ended the night early… we knew tomorrow was going to be a BIG day for us all! Stay tuned


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