Two week vacation!

You guys are getting a two-fer today! I’m actually meshing a 5 for Friday post into a recap post. I took a two week break from blogging, blog reading, and almost all internet. TWO WEEKS! Honestly, things were just way too crazy at work and so I needed the break. Each night I was sooo tired and sleepy, being on the computer was the last thing I needed.

I’m two days late, but better late than never for a High Five for Friday post, right? Plus, it’ll be peeks into what I’ve been up to as I start writing new posts for the rest of the week recapping what I’ve been up to!

Don’t forget–this is linked up with otherHigh Five for Friday posts over at From My Grey Desk






1) Our neighbor put up a fence and I am LOVING how it looks with out home and yard! Free Fencing! Yay!

2) I updated our guest bathroom to make it look a little more complete.

3) All dressed up after attending a dinner for work.

4) Spent a week with this princess, my niece! It was her second birthday a week ago!

5) Finally got my bike rack and two bikes! The husband has a Trek road bike that is really nice and my mom gave me her hand me down mountain bike. We’ll see how it goes but the husband said if I really like cycling and want to keep it up we can invest in a road bike for me 🙂



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