Day 1 of my Vacation!

The husband and I finally got to take a “vacation” this past week! We never take vacations. Seriously, the last time we traveled anywhere that did not involve seeing our family as it’s #1 reason was when he took me to St. Augustine to propose! That was over 3 years ago people!

So early last week we headed on out to begin our drive to Panama City Beach!


We had perfect weather for the entire drive and it was so great. Not too sunny and no rain for our entire drive! We were feeling pretty lucky! As soon as we arrived it was time to check into our room. We were staying at the Navy Base, thanks to my Mom and I’m so glad we were. Prices on the beach in the summer time are absolutely awful and the base averages about $40 a night. The rooms are pretty decent, nothing fancy but our room was located on the water–a nice perk!





Each room as a bed and couch–they call them suites, but they are just big rooms 🙂 Our room also had a little kitchen with a small stove, fridge, microwave and sink.

This base is actually pretty nice and we had a great time there. I’ll show some more of the base tomorrow in my day 2 recap….

After unpacking and settling in it was time to head over to see this little princess!


That’s my little girl 🙂 She’s two now and she’s not showing too many signs of being “terrible” although she is learning how to throw a little temper tantrum. Oh well, not like I haven’t thrown a few of those in my day.

My brother and sister-in-law actually have a really great view from where they live. He’s the head of their security and works off duty for them so they get a great deal (Free$). I love going over to their place–summer all the time there!!


Do you see the stingrays up around the people in that picture above??


After 7 hours of driving we were so exhausted we couldn’t stay and visit for very long but that’s okay-we had more days to enjoy!


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