Before I disappeared….

Whew, it’s time to start writing. Nothing like a break to really get the blog mojo flowing. Honestly, I really missed reading blogs more than writing in my own at first, but after a couple days I just wanted to write everything down! I stayed away and I think in the end it was for the best–I was SO exhausted the past could weeks I needed to focus on the husband and getting work done with.



Getting ready for our vacation meant getting a hitch put on my SUV. We started out with breakfast at a local joint, which is delicious, and learned my car still wasn’t ready. They had to go to another store about 40 min away to pick up a hitch since they forgot to order mine so it was really delaying things for us. So, the husband and I decided to head to a nearby mall while waiting for the work to be done. We did some walking around in the early morning heat and shopped around Barnes and Noble for a bit. Total nerd alert–I completely geeked out seeing this guy on so many cycling covers:

We came home and were joking around about making a dojo for one of our kittens… well, the husband should know better than to challenge me! I’ll take on any craft challenge I’m given. Annnnddd that’s how the kitten dojo was created. We’re crazy, yes, but a good kind.



Also, two weeks ago our local Panera FINALLY opened! It’s actually not in my small town but it’s on my way to work and I feel my weight loss efforts slipping away as I pick up my cinnamon crunch and green tea each morning 🙂 Totally worth it!


I’ve been looking for a summer nail polish color. I’m really loving the mint/teal craze but it’s not really “work friendly” at my office.


I needed something a little more muted and neutral to go with my style. I went shopping and found this Essie color–Marathin.


How stinkin’ cute is that! It’s with their Yogaga line and this color really doesn’t do it justice… it’s much more neutral than this picture but this gives you a great idea.

I’ve got to go finish up some laundry and get my weekend wrapped up!


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