Need a little motivation?

I’m still working towards a pretty big weight loss goal. In fact, I’m working to lose a total of 82 pounds.

Yepp, EIGHTY-TWO pounds. Wow, that seems so big when I type it out!

So, I was surfing around  Pinterest and found this great pictures. Specifically, I found this one:

That picture led me to Hot Mess Princess. I read her story and I suddenly knew, I wanted motivation jars too! I need something visual to really keep me going. This morning after my workout I stopped by Michaels and picked up my supplies!

I started with two square jars and some scrapbook letters.


I’ve seen a couple different variations of wording for the “lost” jar: Pounds Lost and Pounds Gone. Gone because the theory is if something is just lost you’ll just find them eventually. So, I’ve decided to to use “Pounds to Lose” and “Pounds Lost for Good”

I decided to use a large “diamond” for my goal weight, blue marbles for each pound and then pearl marbles for every 10 pounds lost.

I’m pretty excited.  The husband said pretty soon there won’t be any marbles in the pounds to lose jar at all! I can’t wait for that day 🙂

The funny thing, as I was counting out marbles I thought 82 was SOOO much but really look at how small a pile that is.  I mean really, that’s not a whole lot!  It makes it seem totally doable.  I feel like I really can make this weight loss happen!  I’ve had a lot of issues lately with doubts about my ability to lose this weight.  I’m only hurting myself when I gain and now I’m back on the right track.


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