The 4th of July!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! Posting has been sparse because work has been so busy and I thought I’d get to post something yesterday but we were having too much fun!

The morning started with a stop for breakfast (oatmeal from McDonalds, nothing fancy) and then we headed to Cocoa Beach! It was wonderful, the weather was perfect with not too much heat. We enjoyed ourselves for a while just walking around the pier.




I watched a couple paddle boarders out in the water. I really really want to try paddle boarding so bad! There was a Groupon out the other day but the husband and I are waiting to buy lessons.

After we enjoyed the scenery for a while we hit up Urbanspoon to find a good seafood place! We found the Old Fish House and it was really good! It reminded up both of a place here at home called Whale’s Tail! I actually wanted to try their clam strips but then when the food for the table next to us came out I simply ordered “What she has!” IT was delicious fish that was lightly breaded and fried but not greasy at all! It came with fries and fresh corn. It was really great and I would order it anytime!




Next we went to check into our Bed and Breakfast. Seriously, this place was beautiful. I could go on all day about this place. Sadly, all I have is my iPhone to take pictures and I took these not realizing how fuzzy they were turning out! We stayed in the Meyer Room (I nicknamed it the lemon room) and I loved it. We also had a great view of the fireworks from our windows later in the evening. It was more of a modern “help yourself” type of bed and breakfast. They had open access to the kitchen at all time (we made good use of the free water bottles!) and in the morning apparently breakfast was a help yourself buffet of oatmeal, cereal, pastries, etc. I think they made a fresh breakfast as well but we knew we would have to leave too early in the morning to get to do that.






So, back to the afternoon. We checked in and went and explored around the Village for a little while before it started to rain and we got to hang out in the hotel for a while. It actually was really nice just hearing the rain fall on the metal roofing. Just like the good old days 🙂

Once dark started to come we went back into the Village to eat at this pizza joint we saw earlier in the day while wandering around. Let me tell you, we WAY over ordered. We thought two slices of pizza and some garlic knots would be the perfect dinner. Check out that table! That was so much food!! It was delicious though and totally worth the calories 🙂






We then headed over to the riverfront to listen to the symphony orchestra and prepare for the fireworks. It gave me goosebumps listening to a symphony play “God Bless America” and then watch the fireworks go off!

It was a wonderful 4th of July and I’ll never forget it!




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