Adventures in Baking

Today was an awesome day for eating!

I had my Diva Morning Makeover this morning and totally got my butt kicked. This was like boot camp x 1000! I was so tired when it was over that I had to sit a while and rest! So, after about 30 minutes of resting I came home to shower before heading to the grocery store. I was STARVING by this time. I knew I needed to buy veggies and lots of them. I really haven’t had enough veggies the past week or two. So, lunch was a salad and dinner was some steak with veggies. It’s been a delicious day for food!


This weekend I knew wanted to bake. It’s been a while since I heated up the oven for something new! I used a basic yellow cake recipe and canned frosting (bad move but it was quick and I had it on hand from something at work) and I really just wanted to use my new pans and my icing kit.

I’ll let the pictures do the rest for you. I’m going to watch 21 Jump Street…. again. It’s THAT good.





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