Date Night

Last night the husband and I had a date to use up a Living Social deal that I had burning a hole in my wallet iPhone…

Anyways, last night after work was the night to finally use the coupon. I love LivingSocial and Groupon because the deals give me an opportunity to try new places. If we like them, GREAT! but if not, no real money lost. Tonights deal was $12 for $25 to spend at the restaurant. I gotta be honest. The best part of the meal were the appetizers. We ordered Aloo Naan and Veggie Samosa.


The veggie samosas were awesome. Perfectly seasoned and hot I wish we had ordered more! The veggie samosa is just two pieces of crispy pastry with a filling of mildly spiced potatoes, green peas and fresh herbs.

Aloo naan is our go-to every time we go to an Indian restaurant. It’s just naan stuffed with potatoes and here they added some peas and herbs.

Honestly, I didn’t even take pictures of our dinners. We weren’t that impressed. It was nice to try but the service was blah, the good could have been better and it’s really out of the way from where we live. It made for an interesting date night though!

Once I got home I decided that tonight called for some true legit ice cream. I’ve been seeing an interesting brand at the grocery store lately and really wanted to try it out. Talenti Gelato began as a gelateria in 2003. I read that they use only the finest natural and raw ingredients. Plus, the gelato is made with fresh, hormone-free milk and only pure cane sugar. Not only is it delicious, but it has 30% less fat than regular ice cream. I’m down with this kind of clean eating! Ha!


Okay, bottom line, this stuff is amazing. The caramel sea salt flavor is so creamy and rich but I could seriously eat the whole container in one sitting! I won’t because that’s over 1,000 calories but it just might be worth it! It also have chocolate covered caramel squares all mixed inside.


The chocolate peanut butter cup is more chocolate than peanut butter but really light and has chocolate peanut butter swirls and mini chocolate peanut butter cups mixed inside! I am so tempted to go back into the fridge and eat some more this morning!

Instead, I’m going for a 7AM run with my team. That’s right, I’ve got a team now! Wow! I’ll do a post about it later today.


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