Making Plans

I had planned on the Freedom 8K in Green Cove Springs being my last race for the spring time for this year. Sadly, that race got cancelled (looonggg recap in the works). So, I’ve been thinking that I need to keep running and I want to find another race to do before December.

I’ve been trying to find a few and the pickings are slim. I have a few things against me including:

1) Travel time–I’ve already had a few out of town races so I really don’t want to do an out of town race again for a while.
2) Costs–there are some fun races coming up in late summer and October but they are themed and PRICEY! $70 bucks for a 5K just because there are props?? ehhhh…
3) Timing–I’m actually really busy in the summer. Maybe too busy for a race?

So, I got on my app and came up with a few races. They fit the bill of being near me and on weekends I’m free–plus they aren’t too expensive!

The Sunnyside Survivor 5K/10K us un October and is just your basic 3.1 miles. So far, I haven’t even found a course map but I’m familiar with the area so I’m not concerned.

The Cool Summer Mornings Series is actually a few different weekends. The Clermont course through residential streets and along the lake. Not a bad course and it’s a VERY popular series!


This race is in Orlando and offers “networking” opportunities with psychologists after the race. Wouldn’t we want to be evaluated on WHY we PAY to run crazy miles in the heat?! LOL I think someone needs to seriously evaluate that!


Another race I’m thinking of–the Garden Series. Really, I only picked this one because I have never ran in Kissimmee and I think it’d be a new opportunity and have new runners!

So there is the line up… just a few I’m thinking of. I really have no idea if I’ll even sign up for any of them but races keep me motivated and I really want to continue to be a better and faster runner. Not that I really know what that means. I just want to keep running and know that I’ve accomplished it.


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