Frozen Yogurt and The Weather

I know, I know, most amazing post title–EVER. I should definitely win an award for this kind of ish!

Seriously though–the weather has been horrible and amazing all at the same time down here! IT’s been mostly nuthin but rain. I can’t get over how nice it’s been at the same time. No scorching heat. Nice breezes. No bright bright sun blinding me on my drive home. Seriously, every once in a while I just don’t mind having storms for weeks at a time. I kind of like how cool it can get!


The only down fall–my usual trip to Starbucks meant getting soaked at the same time. Totally worth it though… TOTALLY worth it.




It also gave me the perfect excuse to eat some amazing new frozen yogurt that I’ve been seeing around the blog world and finally got a chance to try:

This stuff is amazing. It’s from Ciao Bella and it’s got 9g of protein per serving! Seriously, I’m doing myself a favor eating this stuff if you really think about it! I got the mango flavor to try first–just go buy some. Trust me on this. It’s really creamy and the flavor–it’s way better than some of the homemade mango sherbets I’ve had!

Tonight will be spent watching the Olympic Trials (Woo hoo Go USA!). I absolutely love watching the trials and the Olympics. These athletes are amazing and motivating!! Tonight is swimming and you bet my favorites are doing AWESOME!


and reading the new Fitness magazine! Yay for magazines coming in!



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