Wet Soggy Days

Today was a day that started at 5AM for me. I haven’t been feeling well today so my upset stomach woke me up early. The day started out nice but it didn’t last long. Here’s why:


This storm is no joke. We’re supposed to have rain for quite a few days. Nothing exciting and I wish would wouldn’t be ALL DAY but we could use the rain 🙂 If for nothing else my peppers still have a little more growing to do!

Once the husband woke up I decided I needed food and I offered to make pancakes. I swear I make the best homemade pancakes. Ever. Seriously. I need to start a recipe page just to showcase their awesomeness.

I decided to have mine with bananas and chocolate chips. It was amazing with two big dollops of real maple syrup.

20120624-191911.jpg 20120624-191919.jpg

The rest of the day has been doing chores and watching the rain. We headed to a nearby town for a little while to return some items I had bought and then got lost coming home! I tried to go home a new way and had no clue which way I was heading. It made for some nice time in the car with the husband and I had chocolate so it was delish!


Now we’re watching “We Bought a Zoo.” This movie is so stinkin cute!! I seriously hope I have a little girl like Rosie when we finally have kids.


I’m off to watch the movie and listen to the rain! Hope everyones weekend ends up being just as nice !



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2 thoughts on “Wet Soggy Days

  1. domesticateddilettante June 25, 2012 at 12:28 PM Reply

    I wish you could re-direct the rain our way. We could sure use it up here in middle TN. Our oldest son is “vacationing” in the Gulf this week. He called last night to check on his dog (we’re puppy-sitting) and said it rained all day. Looks like they (and you) are in for more of the same for several more days. The pancakes look wonderful!

    • angiemae2401 June 25, 2012 at 2:01 PM Reply

      Ahh, I hope the rain doesn’t completely ruin his trip! We’re heading up to the panhandle later in July and I hope we won’t have any storms to deal with at that time!

      If I could send some rain–I totally would!! I’m going to work on a post for the pancakes today! Everyone has GOT to try them 🙂

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