This ain’t no joke!

So today is day TWO (that’s right it’s only the morning of day TWO) of my veggie cleanse. A recap of last night:

I was dying! Right after lunch I started realizing just how tired I was. And the headache started shortly after my snack of cauliflower. I just could not get my headache to go away! For dinner I decided to saute some shredded veggies (cabbage, broccoli and carrots) and threw in some fresh corn. I used a little bit of soy sauce and then realized 1 TB is 1 TB too much. I really should have used just a little water and salt to help get everything steamed.

I kept feeling hungry all night but decided some lemon water would do the trick and guess what–it did! I’m finally taking the advice I always hear!

This morning I really wasn’t very hungry but I was very very tired.  I called in to work because I know with this cleanse and being so exhausted I just wouldn’t be able to cut it at work today.  I knew my stomach wasn’t really asking for food but I tried to make a smoothie anyways.  Attempt #1:


A frozen banana, cucumber, 1/4 apple… followed by


1/4 cup apple juice… and..



This stuff is NASTY!  Then I finished off with about two cups of spinach and this was my end result:


Looks great, tastes like CRAP!  I finally had to throw it away and made a new smoothie—carrots, spinach, two strawberries and 1/2 cup apple juice.


Looks nasty but tastes great!  Time to go plan my meals for the rest of the day!


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