Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo this year totally rocked!

We started out by going to our friends house where they were having an awesome Cinco de Mayo free for all!  It was really nice but I find that I feel awkward at parties where I don’t know anyone.  A few years ago that was my time to shine, now I just want to kind of sit there and watch.  Crazy how things change, right?



I made banana pudding in a margarita glass!


Our other friends that we know a lot better, Bobby and Dorene, showed up and then it was really time to party!  Bobby takes a great picture, doesn’t he?


Then we headed to the next party!  It was my friend’s son’s 4th birthday.



What an awesome cake right??

My cleanse starts tomorrow so I totally pigged out on cake and chips while at the party. 

To end the day we went back to Bobby and Dorene’s house and went driving around with them.  They’ve lived in the area their whole lives so they were able to share things with me that I never knew about the area! 

We finished at Gold Corral, which the husband refers to as “The Trough” and man oh man did I indulge.  Mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, freshly spun cotton candy and this:


Chocolate Wonderfall!



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