Run in the Garden

Today was the Winter Garden Run in the Garden.


And it sucked.

Really, it absolutely sucked.  Sucked so bad I didn’t even take any pictures.  What happened?  Well, I don’t know.  About a half mile in I felt a sharp pain in my backside.  I tried to ignore it and ran to mile 1 and then I just couldn’t run anymore. Each time I tried I felt like my butt muscles were going rip out of my skin.  Sooo, pleasant!

I did however walk from mile 1 to about two blocks before the finish line.  I also cried during about half of mile two.

Then I saw the husband coming up to rescue me.  And then Erica came to rescue me too.  And I felt loved. ❤  Seeing my Husband come towards me was a breath of fresh air.  I knew I wasn’t alone.  I kinda got pissed when people were yelling “Run! Just Run!” and it’s like you moron, it hurts to run!!  I know they were just doing what spectators do!  And I appreciate them for being out there!

I did at least finish.  In pain, but I finished.  Good thing there were no race photos!

After the race I went back looking for my friends–some had started to leave and other I just had no clue where they are then out of no where Mr. Runner jumped up over a hill and shouted “Angie!”  Best thing about races?  Having friends run them to and then go out of their way to find you and make sure you’re okay at the end.


(I’m smiling but I wanted to wince)

Then we hobbled to breakfast (where I ate WAY too much food) and the Husband helped me hobble home where I slept for a couple hours.  Still feeling some pain but just going to spend the weekend focused on resting.  I’m thinking it may have been the new Brooks–I thought I had broken them in but I could have been jumping the gun just a little bit too early.


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