Fits like a glove

Ever since I started running on a regular basis I’ve wondered if I’m really wearing the right shoe.  Heck, who am I kidding, I wonder if I’m wearing the right shoes all the time. 

This time though, I was thinking about running shoes, not heels or flats.  Or those new cute wedge suede thingies at Target.



Anyways, I run anywhere from 6-8 miles a week and I was really started to just get tired of how sore my legs and feet were after a run. Then I read this blog post and it REALLY got me thinking “Hey you, maybe you should get this checked out!” Thankfully, since E and I were planning on running in Winter Garden yesterday I decided to check out the Tri and Run website and this is what I saw:



So, after our “run” which was really just me half running half walking and E running and getting chased by a dog (not to be confused by a dawg) we stopped in to try on some shoes!

I found the perfect pair.  I tried on a pair of New Balance, Saucony, and then she brought out a pair of Brooks Ghost 4.

Yes, it was love. Shoe love.

Kind of like that!

IMG_3711[1] IMG_3713[1]

One thing I learned is that you should always untie your shoes before taking them off—I NEVER do that.  Leaving them tired can wear out the heel much faster—I always just thought it was my heel!

So, Lock Laces were there to save the day and they were 20% off too!




I walked this morning for a mile in them and ran half a mile and they felt great.  Took about a 1/4 mile to really get used to them and then I felt great.  Besides the fact that it was 4AM in the morning and I was super tired, I think could have ran longer!

Oh yeah, see that race bib?  While in the store, I got suckered into signing up for the WG Run through the Garden tomorrow morning so I’ll be up and over in the city around 6:45ish.  Let’s see how this goes!



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