Race Ready

This morning I woke up more than excited to hit the road—I needed to get to Clearwater ASAP to get settled in for the Iron Girl 5K!

Our trip started with some delicious fuel—liquid style:


I just can’t get enough of my non-fat latte’s!  Stained teeth?!  Who cares! It’s liquid gold I tell you!

As soon as we got to Clearwater I was excited to get over to the expo.  The weather wasn’t too great so a lot of the booths were tearing down but I still took a look around and picked up my packet.

IMG_3455[1]  IMG_3457[1]IMG_3459[1]

There was even a “Damsel in Defense” booth—have you ever seen these?  It was awesome.  Stun gun?? Don’t mind if I do!


After the Expo we checked into our hotel and I changed into my race shirt.  I was a little upset that all it says is “Events.”  They couldn’t have put the date or city on the shirt??


Then we decided to hit up a cute little joint that Urbanspoon led us to called Rumba.  Let me tell you folks—it was AHHH-MAZING!  Firstly, our waitress was awesome—so knowledgeable and open.  She gave great recommendations and I was 100% pleased with my choice.  I had grilled shrimp, coconut rice and vegetables. 


It came with a fiesta salad which I first asked for a lot of the stuff to be left off and she asked me a series of questions (you know, are you allergic, do you like the taste of this or that, etc) and she recommended that I order the salad a different way.  I did and I’m glad!  I was avoiding the salsa and vinaigrette and I’m glad I didn’t in the end because they totally made the salad!


After lunch we headed back to the hotel because the storms were coming and coming fast and we didn’t want to get stuck anywhere in the rain for too long.  I hate driving in an unfamiliar city in the rain so we wanted to play it safe!


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