Dinner in Clearwater

For dinner we once again turned to the trusty Urbanspoon for a great place to eat. We found a place that was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives called Keegan’s Seafood Grille.


If you’re in Clearwater definitely go try this place out!  You won’t be impressed by the service but the food was worth it!

I started with a  gumbo—on the menu they say it’ll “Make New Orleans Proud.”  Well, I knew I could take that challenge since I used to go to NOLA about once a month with my mother and we always ate at the more authentic off the road places.  It was just what we did Smile

It did NOT disappoint.. great rue, great seafood variety, spicy but not too much and just a bit of rice to make it feel like home.  Great gumbo and I wished I had gotten a whole bowl!


I still didn’t want to eat anything too greasy or oily so I stuck with grilled foods again for dinner and ordered the grilled mahi sandwich.  I wasn’t expecting anything amazing—grilled fish is usually grilled fish but they added just the right spices to the fillet and that made it worth it.


Plus, it was really REALLY cool that this guy had been here:


Oh! and of course, I had to have dessert!


After dinner we went across the street to have some fun playing on the beach.  I asked the husband to play photographer for a little bit and he did a great job!


Then of course, I took a few… hundred…

IMG_3512[1] IMG_3528[1]







Can’t spend forever in paradise… I’ve got an early morning!


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