The countdown begins!

I’ve got exactly one week until the Iron Girl 5K–am I psyched?? You betcha! I’m also really nervous.  You see here in Florida we got a small cold front last week and guess who has had the worst head cold the past few days?  This girl!

I was able to take off work yesterday to rest a little bit but today I’m working 7am-6pm (yikes!)

I’m hoping to plan out how to best use the next few days to get the best possible workout while not over-doing it before next Sunday.

Here is what I’m thinking of…

Sunday: Rest (gotta get rid of this cold!)
Monday: 5K (slow time, just enjoy it)
Tuesday: Rest (and eat a slice of cake!)
Wednesday: Stregnth train the arms and legs and go for a long walk
Thursday: Stregnth train the abs and go for a short walk
Friday: Leave for St. Pete!
Saturday: Attend the expo and psyc up for tomorrow’s race!
Sunday: RACE DAY!!

We’ll see how it goes 🙂


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